Welome to Project Eve

Welome to Project Eve

Project Eve is an exciting and collaborative project between Ogilvy & Mather and Kantar Millward Brown. A research model of planning, ethnography and storytelling which was seamless, fluid and constantly overlapping. The study was conducted through an original method and original thinking in order to map out a vision of the female future in Ireland.

Project Eve encompassed an exploratory background research phase with multi-disciplinary thought-leaders in the fields of sociology, psychology, neuro-science, gender studies and marketing. It involved 72 hours of digital ethnography and extended interviews with some of Ireland’s visionary female storytellers to bring this ‘female future’ to life.

Our culture is changing and women are shifting the sands for everyone. We can collectively sit on the side-lines, aim not to offend, and it will happen anyway. Or we can play a part in positive cultural change and a better future for females in this country, leaving a legacy of strong brands, businesses and potentially an indelible mark on our society.

This is Project Eve and it’s the just the beginning.

“The idea that we’ve got it, that feminism has happened, that we’re free and we’re equal is absolutely not true. We have so far to travel to reach true equality.”

Tara Derrington, Director & Fiona Browne, Actor; founding members of Mothers Artist Makers.

“We’re part of a wider conversation with women in Ireland, it’s not just about what’s next it’s about pulling people up behind us to along side us.”

Sarah Maria Griffin, author of ‘Spare & Found Part’s & poet of ‘We Face This Land’ for Repeal Project.

“Just promote equality, just keep it in your head, it will sort of seep out into everything.”

Rosita Sweetman, author of ‘Fathers Come First’ & founding member of the Irish Women’s Movement.

“The fact we are still talking about gender fills me with rage… I’d love to see us having the bravery to really follow through on change.”

Oonagh Murphy, Theatre Director & founding member of the Change of Address collective.

“I want to see a huge difference in the way we tell women’s stories, to crack them out of the stereotypes.”

Melanie Lynch, Founder of Herstory & Creative Director of Heart of Ireland

“The future will be that we celebrate our difference as men and women because we are different and we have different needs…in order to get equity rather than equality. We are not the same, we are different, and that’s ok.”

Amy De Bhrún, Actor, Voice Over Artist & Writer of one woman shows such as ‘Female of the Species