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It is not just the presence of multiple research methods, but rather the interplay between research methods employed that makes this research initiative so innovative. The primary and secondary research methods and varying analytical approaches influence each other throughout.

PHASE 1: We began with secondary research, conducting a large-scale analysis of published research, both qualitative and quantitative. These included macro-economic reports, socio-demographic data, industry specific reports, as well as lifestyle reports and attitudinal studies. We conducted a thematic review to identify emerging themes from this phase.

PHASE 2: We augmented phase one with a review of public discourse around social issues, as well as stories that were gaining traction in the media. As part of this, we conducted an online social listening exercise. This phase contributed to the development of a few theories on what was the defining character of the cultural change in Ireland.

PHASE 3: Phase three introduced primary research into the methodology. We regularly facilitate focus groups, vox pops and depth interviews to explore emerging themes.

The result of this innovative process is a story about cultural change in Ireland. It describes the character of the mind and mood of Ireland, and explores the seven consumer trends.

This research is ongoing. We are working with different partners to continue this story of cultural change and build upon it.